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Ventilation energy resource availability

  1. High building population on short period.
  2. High passive solar space heating.
  3. High ventilation demand on daytime.


Varpo`s "Heatcatcher" is designed to gather free heat, from all available ventilation energy resources.

Schools/Univercity type buidings needs special attention on using ventilation automation. All auditoriums need to be ventilated according people ammount. Airquality needs to be measured, because open doors all ventilation have to be specialy balanced. For balancing, income and outlet ventilation pressure have to be controlled. As ventilation working period is on daytime (when outdoor temperature is high) ,ventilation heatpump with accumulation tank can be used. Varpo`s "Heatcatcher" gives possibility to get large ammount of energy stored from ventilation. Stored energy can use on the nighttime (when outdoor temperature is low) for building heating demand.