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Solutions - Resource Recovery: Ventilation

“What We Do?”


VARPO can turn wasteair humidity to useable heat


Wasteair includes humidity what can be removed and get useable energy from it. Varpo Grupp OÜ is company who povide such systems.

Varpo Grupp offers its “HC” (for “Heatcatcher”) line of coils specifically designed to operate on these wasteair treatment. While  wasteair contain useable sensible - energy, its have also latent - energy what are usually not used. Condensing period makes using latent energy problematic, and requires specific knowledge how to great  a reliable and low maintenance system. Varpo Grupp has partners with the expertise to provide the necessary conditioning for a complete heat generation system. Varpo’s "Heatcatcher" system design easier than using traditional ventilation heatexchanger technologies because it can operate without connection with supplyair, automatically adjust ventilation recarding the hymidity, and can accept high levels of moisture. Varpo`s Heatcatcher have cleanup system  with low maintenance costs.

Lots of  Varpo`s Heatcatchers are operating on ventilation systems, providing a reliable and economical solution to what would otherwise be an environmental problem. Contact Varpo Grupp OÜ or one of our distribution partners to see what we can do to turn your ventilation problem into a clean, green, and profitable solution.


The Varpo`s" Heatcatcher HC, HC TWIN and HC DUO" is a compact ventilation system, it is specialy designed to suitable old(post-sovietic) apartment buildings ventilation, delivering  low costed heat from a ventilation. Performed reduce heating consumption up to 60%
























The Varpo`s HC COIL is a suitable for traditional ventilation system with heatexcanger. Specialy designed for Hospitals and Medical centres, delivering low cost extraheat from ventilation. Performed savings up to 30%.























The Varpo`s HC VENTS is complete ventilation system, specialy designed to suitable for old private or small apartment buildings, delivering low cost heat from ventilation. Performed savings up to 30%


















The Varpo`s HC MIX is complete ventilation system, specialy designed to suitable for Schools, Auditoriums. Performed savings up to 50%






















The Varpos`s FREEHEAT is complete heattranfer system  spetcialy desingned for modern, glassfronted public and commercial buildings.Performed savings up to 60%